Lean Metrics and Scoreboarding

Lean Metrics are a standard set of measures that monitor the performance of processes through visual management techniques and engages employees in the process. The targets are developed specifically for each company. Although measuring different specific measures, they always focus on Lean objectives QCD (Quality, Cost (Productivity), Delivery (People and Process performance) Safety & Culture.

A standard set of measures helps  your teams to strive for targets and smart goals, boosts output and product / service quality and allows the management team to easily manage processes at a glance. Once developed, Lean Metrics can be implemented company wide using a standardised approach and engages emplyess to undertand and work towards company targets.

Lean Metrics and Scoreboarding provide:

  • Team understanding of critical success measures in the business
  • Standard KPI’s organisation wide
  • Ability to benchmark performance between business units and organisations
  • Real time information that informs quality improvement initiatives
  • Employee Engagement,  all employees work towards the ‘Big Picture’

The process steps to developing Lean Metrics:

  • Existing performance measures are analysed
  • Standards are developed to company requirements
  • Metrics are rolled out to all team members through training and practical examples
  • Lean Metrics are displayed visually ensuring common goals across the business

Benefits of Vative’s Lean Metrics: 

  • Measure Quality performance of processes
  • Measure Cost/Productivity performance of processes
  • Measure Delivery/DIFOT performance of processes
  • Measure Downtime/OEE performance of processes
  • Measure Absenteeism/Morale and Employee engagement
  • Measure OH&S and Safety

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