Happy New Year from the Vative team!

Our team at Vative would like to wish our clients the very best for 2015. The last 12 months have been challenging in some ways, but we have been most gratified to see the efficiency gains and positive impacts on the bottom line that our consultant-client teams have achieved on a very diverse range of projects.

We are experiencing an economic period when diversification is critical to success: just as Australia is tackling the challenges involved in shifting from a resource-based economy to one which is more broadly based, Vative has also been identifying opportunities to further expand in selected market sectors.

2014 saw us develop a larger client base and a growing number of projects in healthcare, construction and the government sectors, including listing on a number of key government selection panels.

A new range of dedicated leadership and executive coaching programs, including conflict resolution, has achieved strong takeup by clients, and has also contributed to Vative enjoying moderate growth in market share last year. This was despite the overall market declining somewhat, a situation which was exacerbated by the sudden reduction in some government funding & support mechanisms for clients. There are still a number of fantastic government initiatives that can really help businesses improve their bottom line. Please get in touch with us to find out what support is available.

Charity organisation ShareTree.org is a 50% investor in Vative. This inspiring charity directs 50% of Vative’s nett profits to charitable causes targeting “change for equality”. ShareTree is an organisation which educates, engages and empowers people to share time and resources to promote greater equality and harmony in society.

This year, we will be launching a number of new initiatives and expanding or improving other Vative services. This includes the launch of our new online learning platform to meet the demands of the global market, the expansion of our logistics services and products, the launch of a dedicated Lean IT department which will build consultancy services in this sector, and program improvements for both Lean and 6-Sigma.

These advances will ensure we continue to deliver significant business improvements to our Vative clients. We look forward to a mutually successful 2015.