Lean Practitioner Workshop

Implementing Sustainable Continuous Improvement

This unique 2 Day Program blends online preparation with a highly interactive and simulation driven learning method to get you implementing Lean projects to reduce waste and realise a return on investment quickly. The program is highly suited for people who want to get started on their Lean journey to improve team morale and productivity. 


Who can your organisation “Lean” on to remain competitive?

To be on top of global competition, companies need to continually improve or run the risk of being left behind. Implementing Lean practice is one proven way to improve Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People and Environment to make a positive impact on organisational culture to drive growth and profitability.

Lean is a business improvement methodology and tool kit that focuses on preventing and reducing waste in systems and processes. Waste is regarded as non-value adding operations, which are irrelevant for your internal as well as external customers. Some studies indicate that added value can be as low as around 5% within operations, with the remaining being waste.


 Why Vative’s CI Lean Practitioner Workshop?

  • Identify Value as seen by the customer – “Voice of the Customer”
  • Understand the 8 wastes and how to prevent/reduce/eliminate them
  • Principles of 5S and how to apply it in any environment
  • Understand Value Streams and how to improve lead time
  • How to apply Visual Management for improvements
  • How to sustain a continuous improvement culture
  • Online “Lean Champions” program included as part of the Lean Practitioner Program.

The Program includes a simulated production line that demonstrates Lean principles and tools and is transferable to all industries. Coaching through the certification process will support the application of Lean projects successfully in industries applicable to each participant. Vative have successfully developed Lean Practitioners in Manufacturing, Logistics, Government, Healthcare, services and Education sectors.


Cost: $1,700 + GST (includes a Statement of Knowledge Certificate)

Program Dates: Please choose below

Program Time: 08:30 am – 05:30 pm (2 days) (includes Refreshments & Lunch)

Program Venue: 260A Blackburn Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150 (Parking Available on site)

LSSSP Certification: Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP) is a Lean and Six Sigma global certifying body. LSSSP conducts certifications in line with Lean and Six Sigma standards originally laid down by Motorola University. 

Skills Certification: $1,296 + GST Includes 3 hours of coaching and project assessment by a Lean Six Sigma coach. Upon completion of an online exam (Statement of Knowledge) and a project to demonstrate their skills, the participant shall be awarded the LSSSP Lean Practitioner certification.

Once registration payment is complete, you will receive e-mail notification from Vative Academy that you can access all 7 online modules which comprise the Lean Practitioner course. We recommend that you go online and complete the first four modules before the workshop to maximize your experience.

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 2 weeks notification is required in writing for cancellation or re-scheduling of events. An administration fee of $120 may be charged for less than 2 weeks notice.


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