The world of retail is ever-growing from globalisation, technological advances and the proliferation of mobile technology encouraging shoppers to purchase items more frequently online, anywhere and at any time. Customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to comparing products. This has created a remarkable shift from the once popular product-centric to customer centric model, which focuses on the customer experience and value associated with the retailer.

Adopting Lean Retail into your business model enables you to efficiently invest your savings into every aspect of the customer offer. Vative’s holistic approach is designed to improve internal productivity for better efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience for long-term growth.

How Vative Works In Retail

Vative’s kaizen (continuous improvement) methodology assesses your current business model to identify waste and find solutions to reduce cost and improve your business efficiencies. We introduce Lean Retail programs to empower people within your organisation to take responsibility for the processes surrounding their jobs, and as a result they become proactive about change and enhance business opportunities. Vative’s focus is to create a cultural shift in your business towards better and more efficient processes.

The goal of every project is to make your entire workforce more aware of its responsibility in achieving business gains, rather than relying on specialists to bring about operational and business improvements. This is designed to enable and empower your retail business to thrive in the long run.

Services We Offer

Vative’s experts undertake a comprehensive business analysis to understand where the costliest restrictions are, then we work closely with your management to prioritise project work to release these restrictions. Using Lean Six Sigma principles, we provide Lean Retail training to allow your business to continually and independently find and eliminate waste to reduce costs and build better solutions.

Clients We Work With