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At Vative, we understand that the world is ever-changing with technological advances and saturated markets in every industry sector. That’s why we provide various organisations flexible, customised solutions tailored to their individual business needs to achieve better, competitive outcomes. Regardless of the industry sector your business falls under, our team of experts are dedicated to delivering results through proven systems and methodologies for a wide range of organisations, covering businesses of all families and sizes.

How Vative Works In Other Industries

There are common challenges faced by every industry. These challenges centre around managing costs, meeting delivery lead times, ensuring quality is built into processes, ensuring that the workplace is safe, and finally (and at times most importantly) engaging with the people and culture of your team.

Lean is a methodology for managing these challenges, regardless of industry. Lean has developed its industry specific frameworks over time, as it has the flexibility of being adaptable to suit every business type such as Lean Manufacturing, Lean Logistics and Lean Healthcare.

Services We Offer

Vative has more than 50 dedicated team members with direct experience across hundreds of industries and their subcategories. Some common industries that Vative has successfully introduced Lean to are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Local, State & Federal Government Departments
  • Banks and Other Financial Institutions
  • Mining Companies
  • Information Technology Departments
  • Office and Services
  • And more

Our services include Lean consulting, Six Sigma training, leadership training and coaching as well as online training. Our team takes the time to analyse and strategise the needs of your business to achieve the best outcomes for the future of your business.

Our expertise lies in understanding businesses in terms of their people and processes and getting the most out of that combination. Our team works closely with your management to identify waste and implements the most suitable processes to improve efficiencies and reduce costs within your business.

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Major Projects In Other Industries

La Trobe University


PL Plumbing

Total Underground Solutions

Department of Justice

The Melbourne Centre of Nanofabrication (MCN)