The manufacturing industry is truly globalised and Australian manufacturers are no exception. Australian businesses are facing continually increasing cost pressures while customers are demanding lower prices. The only way to remain competitive is by improving efficiency. Lean Manufacturing is an internationally recognised and benchmarked approach to achieving this. The idea coined by Toyota comes down to a key objective – to eliminate waste in the manufacturing process.

How Vative Works In Manufacturing

Vative has a wide range of experience delivering Lean Manufacturing solutions in many different manufacturing environments. We’ve worked with over 250 Australian businesses, including General Motors Holden, Ford Motor Company and Robert Bosch.

Vative take a holistic approach to lean manufacturing by including all levels of your business in the transformation towards improved efficiency. Our aim is to eliminate everything that does not bring value to our customers which includes eliminating:

  • extensive changeover times
  • employees working overtime
  • unnecessary double handling

Upon first implementing Lean Manufacturing, organisations often achieve a very quick return on investment (ROI). The outcome is a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as savings to the company and the customer, amongst many other benefits.

Services We Offer

The biggest hurdle to overcome in any Lean Manufacturing implementation is overcoming negative culture and resistance to change. To provide your business with the best outcomes, Vative starts your Lean Manufacturing journey with high level Lean and Leadership training to begin any program or project as required. Vative’s Lean Manufacturing Specialists assist your management with training to allow your business to independently and continually find and eliminate restrictions to reduce cost.

Once management is on board and motivated, shop floor operators begin training and with management support begin implementing their skills and transforming their workplace.

Our Lean Manufacturing programs deliver substantial results, often saving companies millions of dollars, whilst creating sustainable change. Our work is only complete when our customers are satisfied, and we’ll work with you to achieve a ROI for you.

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