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As Australia’s population ages, must continue to provide the highest quality of care to meet patients’ needs while maintaining a robust nursing skills mix. Vative’s healthcare system was developed by two nurses wanting to make a difference in the industry through empowering staff to make positive changes in their organisation. Rather than employing a traditional top-down method of patient care, they believed in a galaxy approach, incorporating all levels of communication to achieve the best patient outcomes.

How Vative works in Healthcare

Vative can assist your organisation through several avenues including:

  • Accredited Education – we provide you with the highest quality of education and training using a hands-on approach with experienced Healthcare Professionals. Our program gives you the power to make positive changes in your workplace not only for yourself but for your patients, residents and their families.
  • Impact Leadership – we understand it’s essential for leaders to possess the right characteristics to maintain a continuous improvement culture. We offer programs for healthcare services that wish to achieve better patient outcomes through the contribution of effective organisational leaders. Our sessions can focus on management culture, change management, and staff engagement to name a few.
  • Speciality Programs – our comprehensive professional development programs are aimed at supporting Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and PCAs in the transition to working within speciality areas. These include short courses and accredited courses for Administering and Monitoring Medications, Multiple Sclerosis (bringing awareness to this chronic diseases) and Understanding Dementia.
  • Consulting & Projects – Vative’s Lean Healthcare approach, learned from various industries and carefully applied to the Health environment, provides your organisation and staff with the toolkit to make positive changes through transformational improvement.

Services we Offer

Vative’s programs have proven success in increasing staff engagement and in turn improving workplace morale. With our extensive Healthcare experience across Surgery, Oncology, Occupational Therapy, Aged Care and Emergency Care and our passion to deliver excellence in quality care, we support your organisation to reach its greatest potential through individually tailored programs.

Our Healthcare experts, with extensive quality improvement and hands on project management experience are here to support you every step of the improvement journey, understanding of the complexities of process and procedures in service delivery, as you strive to achieve strategic and operational goals.

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Major Projects in the Healthcare Industry

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