With budgets facing substantial pressure, the demand from the public for services is continually increasing and more must be achieved with less resources. Traditional approaches are simply not enough to meet these demands – the key to success is efficiency. Vative’s Lean Government approach, which incorporates the Lean Six Sigma methodology ensures your department is operating at maximum efficiency to produce better outcomes. This means, less resources, positive public response to government initiatives and ‘substantially’ lower running costs. Understanding Lean tools is a great start but knowing how to implement Lean to achieve comprehensive results and organisational change is the main challenge.

How Vative Works In Government

Generally, in organisations, most people accept poor processes and don’t do anything about it. Vative’s Lean training challenges this mindset by encouraging a kaizen (continuous improvement) approach by teaching people to see processes that aren’t working.

Vative introduces Lean Government programs to empower people within your organisation to take responsibility for the processes surrounding their jobs, and as a result they become proactive about change. Lean thinking is as follows: coming to work each day and actively looking for better ways to do your job, in an environment where you don’t feel threatened when discussing challenges in the workplace.

We understand the different challenges faced by varying levels of resistance to change, as well as stakeholder management. Our focus is to create a cultural shift in your organisation towards better and more efficient processes for long-term benefit.

Services We Offer

Vative has extensive experience in delivering organisational change across Government departments. You can search for us on GOVDEX. We are a recommended provider of Business Optimisation solutions and training to Government organisations and have worked with several Government departments, at the local, state and federal levels.

We provide your organisation with a Lean Government analysis to uncover overlooked, wasted resources in your department. From our findings, Vative’s experts prioritise and drive project-based solutions. Our emphasis is placed on sustaining improvements so that each project has a strategy for standardising and controlling a new and improved system for better efficiency.

Establishing a Lean Government is an ongoing journey, which is driven and sustained by implementing a culture of continuous improvement.

Clients We Work With