Food Processing

Food and beverage processing is one of Australia’s largest manufacturing industry sectors. As Australia’s population continues to grow so does consumer demand for fresh, quality food. The industry needs to be quick to respond to basic consumer demands as well as accommodating current trends such as convenience culture and healthier, less processed foods.

Lean Manufacturing in the food processing industry aims to eliminate everything that does not bring value to the customer. The outcome is a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as savings to the company and the customer.

How Vative Works In Food Processing

Vative has a wide range of experience delivering Lean Manufacturing for the best food processing solutions including working with clients: Corvina, Menora, Scalzo Foods, San Remo and Scholle.

We understand supporting major manufacturers meet the challenges of corporate retail. Equally, we recognise small businesses’ needs to capitalise on their current market or niche environment. The Lean Manufacturing approach to food processing involves all means of eliminating waste by considering every aspect of your business to develop the most efficient outcomes.

Our Lean Six Sigma principles provide your management team with the right training to allow your business to continually and independently find and eliminate waste and restrictions, enabling better efficiencies and ROI.

Services We Offer

The biggest hurdle to overcome in any Lean Manufacturing implementation is overcoming negative culture and resistance to change. To provide your business with the best outcomes, Vative starts your Lean Manufacturing journey with high level Lean and Leadership training to begin any program or project as required.

Our Lean Manufacturing programs deliver substantial results, often saving companies millions of dollars while creating positive internal changes for better efficiencies and long-term growth.

Clients We Work With