Engineering often requires a complex working environment involving multiple processes, people and projects to put everything in place. Engineers may be responsible for overseeing large-scale manufacturing processes or focusing on small-scale projects within a specialised department of a company. Regardless of the scale of operations, it’s vital for engineering organisations to ensure their evaluating efficiencies for continuous improvement to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated arena of business.

How Vative Works In Engineering

Vative’s experts undertake a comprehensive business analysis to understand where the costliest restrictions are, then works closely with your management to prioritise project work to release these restrictions. Using Lean Six Sigma principles, we provide Lean Engineering training to allow your business to continually and independently find and eliminate waste to reduce costs and build better solutions.

Lean Engineering looks at every part of your business, every decision, every piece of work that is done every day and asks – how can we do it better?

Services We Offer

Vative provides you with the skills to map the processes in your organisation, and capture the systems that you use, in order for you to standardise and formalise them. This allows you to solidify the work you have done in setting the business up and reinforces the best way of doing things. Our Lean Engineering programs are designed to eliminate restrictions holding your business back from future growth and optimising your ROI.

Clients We Work With