Australia’s Education system is continuously facing challenges with pressure from the community and government to improve student performance. Educators are tasked with providing quality resources which prepare students for the global, societal and business demands of a technologically developing world.

As education curriculums in our modern age are being more frequently adapted to accommodate new technological advances, it’s important now more than ever to strive for continuous improvement and monitor progress.

Vative’s Lean Education approach is embedded with the philosophy of continuous improvement, encouraging schools and educators to identify and solve problems that are preventing students from achieving the highest quality outcomes possible.

How Vative Works In Education

Vative has a wide range of experience implementing Lean Education in higher education facilities, including working with clients Swinburne University and La Trobe University.

Our Lean Education Specialists start your Lean journey with high level Lean and Leadership training, undertaking any program or project as required. We assist your management with training, enabling your educational institution to independently and continually find and eliminate restrictions to reduce costs.

Services We Offer

Vative works with your educational institution to identify key areas for improvement using Lean analysis tools including, value stream mapping and value stream design. Our programs are designed specifically to help your facility eliminate waste to benefit your employees and students for long-term gain.

Our goal is to achieve significant business improvements for your educational facility through solutions which are simple, realistic and highly effective. Collectively with our consultancy and training services including experience Lean and Six Sigma excellence coaches, we can help you drive positive change.

Clients We Work With


Major Projects in the Education Industry

La Trobe University