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Tightly bound construction projects can face considerable pressures including keeping costs low and meeting constricted deadlines. These challenges can often result in on-site issues from planning shortfalls. Overcoming these challenges can be difficult due to the fractured, contractual nature of constructions projects while failing to effectively measure the cost impact of ongoing inefficiencies. Vative’s Lean Construction approach assists with minimising inefficiencies through identifying waste for optimal workplace practices.

How Vative Works In Building & Construction

Vative supports its clients through Lean Construction which creates and maintains a holistic approach across the project to improve planning, communication, and logistics coordination. Waste is identified by work that is done which ultimately does not benefit the end customer. Examples of managing waste through Vative’s Lean Construction on projects include:

  • Closing gaps between design and construction whereby the appropriate attention is given to logistical considerations in the design stage to avoid unnecessary costly downtime down the track.
  • Implementing on-site systems to manage construction materials based on requirements, including have the right materials in the right quantities to improve health and safety, reduce the likelihood of damaging materials and eliminating downtime from waiting for materials.
  • Developing streamlined utilisation of labour on site which includes handling repetitive tasks with a time and motion study followed by job creation and labour balancing; for singular tasks, visible and flexible tools are used to ensure communication is quick, clear and concise, and plans are able to be changed in real time.

Services We Offer

Vative identifies, coordinates and implements Lean Building & Construction courses as required to allow your business to eliminate restrictions, thrive for future growth and better ROI. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ building & construction projects are being done right the very first time, reducing time reworking, minimising health and safety hazards and delivering better, ongoing solutions for your business.

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Sunraysia Solar Alliance and Abigroup