About Government Grants

Businesses are often unaware of their eligibility to receive one or more business improvement grants. The Australian government has a number of assistance programmes that have been designed to support businesses of all sizes and industries. The main purpose of these programmes is to improve productivity, competitiveness and to create jobs. Through the utilisation of government assistance programmes, Vative have helped a vast number of businesses improve their systems, processes and people to deliver consulting, implementation and training services.

How can Vative Help?

Vative can help you achieve your organisational goals by applying for funded assistance on your behalf. This will ensure your costs are kept to a minimum and your return on investment (ROI) is substantial. Speak with one of our Business Solution Specialists for more information around how an assistance programme can help fund improvement initiatives for your business.

Types of Grants Vative can apply for?

Vative can apply for various Federal and State grants that are available throughout the year and periodically. Eligibility for these government grants will depend on several parameters such as your industry type, size of organisation, turnover etc. It will also depend on the eligibility criteria for individual employees. We encourage you to fill out the ‘Government Grant Eligibility Quiz’ and / or speak to one of our Business Solution Specialist who can assist you according to your needs and eligibility criteria.

Do I Qualify?

Both the Australian federal and state governments have various government grants available for businesses and organisations that fit within certain criteria. These grants are for business improvement purposes and are provided to grow businesses to help the economy and create more jobs for Australians.

Government Grants Eligibility Quiz

Do your business plans include product or process innovation?

Do your business plans include export?

Do you believe there are opportunities in your organisation to make material or energy savings?

Have you been established for over 1 year?

Is your turnover between $1.5 million and $20 million per year?

Is your turnover between $20 million and $100 million per year?

Is there a need for staff upskilling or training within your

Does your business invest in R&D or technology for product, service or processes?

What industry do you operate in?*

Are you in a regional location?

As a business what do you see as your greatest area of need or improvement?*

How many people are employed in your business?*




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