Foundations of Continuous Improvement

Leadership is what creates the foundations of a Continuous Improvement Culture, in this complimentary workshop we’ll explore the philosophy of Servant Leadership with experts of this field and discuss how this style of leadership helps promote innovation and lays the foundations of ‘Respect’, respect for People and Process. Join Vative’s leadership expert Parth Bommakanti facilitate an in-depth and thought-provoking fire-side chat on what it truly takes to embody the mindset of Servant Leadership along with our guest speaker who specialising in developing leadership capability. This workshop is designed for business executives, senior management and those responsible for leading change within their organisation as we aim to expand your leadership mindset and capability to foster a performing culture.

We will explore 3 important steps in developing your Servant Leadership ability:

The Servant Leadership Mindset – Discover how Servant Leadership leads organisations with higher engagement for greater productivity, more trust which promotes psychological safety and breeds a culture of innovation. This will include facing your own mindset, the mindset of the people around you and the cultural mindset of your organisation. We will also look at how the ‘Core Values of Continuous Improvement’ encourages a Servant Leadership mindset.

The Principles of Servant Leadership – Gain a deeper understanding of the values that drive the right behaviours that set the foundations of Continuous Improvement cultures, and how this process can be used at a leadership level to create a road map for your organisation’s desired future state.

The Behaviours for Servant Leadership – Learn what behaviour you need to adopt as Leaders to enhance the motivation of the people around us and our organisation.

About the Guest Speaker:

This workshop will have special guest speaker Mark Oliver from MarkTwo Consulting, who will provide an in-depth and unique perspective on Servant Leadership and its role in underpinning the success of performing cultures. Mark Oliver, who is the CEO of MarkTwo Consulting and the author of his published book called Motivational Leadership – 10 Myths Managers must debunk to avoid disengaged, dissatisfied or unproductive workers, a copy of Mark’s book will be given to each participant who registers and attends the workshops on the day.

About the Facilitator

Parth Bommakanti is a renowned Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, an NLP Master, and a Culture Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in organisational transformation. Amongst his distinguished training and coaching capability, Parth specialises in developing leadership capability and aligning business executives in developing a strategy towards a desired future state and drive businesses through a successful change management project.

Cancellation Policy

A courtesy call with a minimum of 24 hours notification is required for cancellation. All cancellations or no-shows will have the opportunity for a discovery call with one of our Solution Specialist to discuss how we could support you with setting the Foundations of Continuous Improvement in your organisation.

Parth Bommakanti

Executive Director