Blind people require an audible transmission and some sort off way of when the crossing starts and finishes. Children require a system which is simple, unambiguous and simple to understand. For the blind we’ve the bobbled paving in the beginning and finish off of the crossing, likewise there may be the audible sound which is given off when it’s secure to cross. On the crossing control the switch is quiet large and easy to find thus enabling the individual to think it is. For children the machine includes a few more goods that help explain when to cross. There are the displays that have a green person which is taking walks and a red gentleman which is stood even now. The child needs to know that red means danger, do not cross and green means secure to cross when lit. Also the child needs to know that the audible sound also means its secure to cross. Both pieces of users have to know that the option requires pressing to obtain the response that they require to use the crossing.

The expectation is that crossings should be of the same design in principle and simplicity.

I think it is simpleness as the pedestrians receive clear and simple recommendations on what activities they should take based on what they discover and hear from the crossing. It reduces when you can cross or not cross as soon as you press the button to utilize the crossing into unambiguous instructions and outputs via the display and audible offered off. [Word Count 63]

The push button uses visibility and feedback principles. That is achieved by the consumption of the crimson and green lamps below the switch. The red press button will light up to provide the indication that the button has been pressed and it’s unsafe to cross. That is is commonly the universal rule that red means threat and prevent and green means secure and go. Once the traffic lights turn crimson the crimson light will extinguish and the green light will illuminate. When the traffic lamps turns amber the green light on the box will extinguish and the crimson will not illuminate before button is pushed again. [Word Count 108]

I feel that a pie chart will be better to visualise the info. This is because of the nature of the info it breaks down the data compared to the percentage and helps us interpret it. If we were to employ a line chart I feel that it would not be fit for purpose as we would no manage to visualise the data as well as we are able to in a pie chart. [Word Count 75]

With figure 1 the visual representation is definitely lacking as there is no data table which enables you to interpret the graph in comparison. Also there may be the lack of labelling as there is no title to clarify what the graph represents. Personally i think that the data is not presented at the depth which must make any perception of it so losing the overall idea of having the ability to draw the viewers’ suggestions out. Overall Personally i think that the graph is quite ambiguous and liable for misinterpretation. [Word Count 89]

Question 2

The digital divide may be the gap between the developed wealthy countries of the universe and the indegent undeveloped and developing environment. The Simputer bridges the price and enables the poor to talk about a device by the utilization of specific cards which their info is stored on.

Another problem is the high level of illiteracy in the undeveloped and growing world this is due to the strong oral traditions of the persons and cultures, the simputer can possess an audio based guide choice which circumnavigates this problem and enables the given individual to access the information they require. Some languages don’t have a written kind and other languages are not supported by traditional computer systems that we are make use of to. The simputer has a number of innovations such as interface that uses languages which are mainly spoken rather than written. The output is also by speech synthesis which does away with being literate.

The other problem is definitely that the English language is employed in many applications these days and many of these countries have little if any understanding if the English language. This means that how we connect to our computer isn’t suited for these folks. The simputer above comes this by using icons which these persons can recognise. [Word count 210]

Why speech reputation makes mistakes is the lack of clarity from the loudspeaker, also background noises and the conversion method from analogue to digital. That is over come by getting the system either asking for you to repeat the term or having large data bases for it to attract upon. With handwriting recognition we have the condition that everyone’s hand posting is different and a computer struggles to comprehend information which is certainly obscure and unreadable. As humans we are able to decipher this due to our brain and good sense. To overcome this many systems will make you break your side writing down into single characters as they can’t recognise became a member of up writing. Overall this limits the use of these methods. [Word count 126]

Question 3

The scenario falls into the phishing. It falls straight into this as it one of the most common kinds for this sort of fraud. It asks you for your banking particulars by impersonating an internet banking site. And yes it falls into identification theft when you are asked for your individual details which works extremely well to get products, obtain credit rating or sign contracts making use of your name. [Word count 67]

How I broke the code was to work with dusk as the starting point. This could have just been two of the four letter thoughts either jvtl or kbzr. I ruled out alau as it provides two of the same letters. I then use letter substitution so the D could either be K or J. Then i utilized either letter as my starting place to move the alphabet from that time. I discovered that the only path that the cipher manufactured sense was employing K as my starting place. Thus JSLVWHAYH JVTL AV TF ALUA KBZR is CLEOPATRA COME TO MY TENT AT DUSK. The key reason why I am confident of the by using frequency analysis of specific letters and also easily was to use the J as my starting place the sentence would make no sense at all. As well there are only 25 possible keys utilizing a Caesar cipher. [Expression Count 151]

The reason why frequency analysis is due some letters having a high frequency use inside our language plus some letters don’t. The most regularly happening letters in English terms happen to be E (13.0%) and T (9.3%). Letters which least occur are J (0.2%) and Q (0.3%). This enables the cracker to substitute which letters take place the most and makes it better to decipher. Also because of the fact that there can 25 possible keys for every letter also helps it be easier to crack. [Word Count 83]

The reason you can’t break a homophonic cipher using frequency analysis is the numbers are randomly produced also high regularity letters are given more than one number. This makes it hard to break as you can’t associate lots to a letter because of the rate of recurrence being levelled out. [Term Count 50]

(iv) Using the desk on site 26 of unit 14 can be encrypted Cheltenham as IJLBZGDNCT using GCHQ as my primary. I did this by repeating GCHQ across the table and working down the 1st column to get the letter g. once right now there I worked over the best alphabet to the letter c afterward came down to where in fact the G and C intercept the other person to get the initial letter for the Vigenere cipher. Then i repeated this for all your letters applying GCHQ until Cheltenham was encrypted. [Phrase Count 87]

(v) To ensure that FBS is not by using a false identity the FCA verifies the user and keeps a data base of the certificates it issues. This certificate depends on FBS and the public major it uses with the asymmetric cryptography approach that it has utilized. as a digital signature will be assigned by utilizing a hash of the certificate encrypted by the FCA. [Word Count 63]

Question 4

Has Technology Made Us More Aware

The effects and fall out from the G20 protests in London are far and wide on a complex and personal nature.

What we have learned is that nothing can’t ever really overlooked as a result of advent of different technology which we use in everyday life. It has open a complete new way of how exactly we observe the world we live in

With the G20 protests we discover that the police experienced the tables fired up its self with the utilization of these new technologies. They attended under greater scrutiny more than ever through the use of personal phones and just how we use them. We now check out that the authorities are coming under surveillance to a much greater degree than they could ever before anticipate from the general public. This sort of inverse surveillance is called sousveillance.

With how long should a college essay be? the capture of the images from using a mobile phone, these were incredibly quick to attain the web and make front web page news. These images were not only confined to the internet but were in the papers and splattered over the tv set also.

In away because of the incidents we look at that individuals did not know they were under any kind of surveillance and that their activities experienced isolated them as persons. Generally this falls into the theory of modern day surveillance the panopticon as we are able to see. Every action could be potentially observed by somebody without the average person knowing; it’s also it’s not labour intensive and targeted a specific group of people, the authorities.

From the medial side of the authorities they contain their CCTV cameras which are either static or mobile which have monitored the crimes which some of the general public have completed during these protests. From these images they have been able to make arrests and deliver these people to justice in the eyes of regulations.

As we can start to see the authorities were carrying out surveillance on these protests for these such incidents, but also we can gain from this that at sometime during our day we can come under surveillance whenever with the increase in CCTV in the united states in public areas areas.

In conclusion the higher utilization of cameras by the public and authorities has granted rise to a larger portion of surveillance among us in general. Our every action can be observed no matter where we are. Is this a good thing? I am uncertain as there are situations where it can be utilized for the greater good of people, putting no person above regulations. But we have to off set that with how people use these things for personal gain and crimes they record using them.