Lean Strategist - Diploma of Competitive Systems & Practices (MSS50316)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working within a middle to senior management role who are responsible for developing a continuous improvement strategy and leading the successful implementation of competitive systems and practices within the organisation’s value chain.

As well as assuming responsibility for their own performance, individuals at this level provide leadership, vision and strategic guidance and support to their direct reports. They also have the direct responsibility for driving and monitoring the outcomes of their team. They apply their continuous improvement strategies and solutions to a defined range of predictable and unpredictable problems and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources within the business.

This course provides the skills and knowledge needed to improve efficiency within any industry using Lean Six Sigma methodologies. It assumes the participants have some previous operational and technical experience and have the authority to implement strategy, lead and deploy improvement projects within the organisation.

The qualification packaging has been developed on an assumption that competency will be developed through a combination of classroom based theory along with real application-based learning and project strategies. The skills in this course structure employ both Lean and Six Sigma principles and tools. Other names for some of the system skills and techniques include Agile and Lean Six Sigma. This course is designed to be non-industry specific and applicable to leaders and managers in any industry environment.

The aim of this qualification is to produce graduates who can:

  • Develop a Continuous Improvement strategy for their organisation
  • Communicate a desired future state and vision throughout its constituents
  • Lead and execute improvement projects with greater than 300% return of investment
  • Educate others in Lean Six Sigma tools and principles

A minimum 12-month duration though depending on the size of the projects and overall change management strategy the duration may extend to suit individual needs.

Suitable for

Middle to Senior Management, Executive and C-Suite level, CI Managers, Change Agents, Leaders identified for key Management Positions

Lean Strategists can guide teams to work on medium to large Continuous Improvement (CI) projects and manage the overall CI strategy of the organisation. Lean Strategists can work with Lean Practitioners as well as Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts to assist in implementing the CI Strategy. As a next step, see Graduate Certificate (Lean Practitioner and Green Belt) and/or Graduate Diploma (Black Belt) of Competitive Systems and Practices pathways.


Participants will receive a Nationally Accredited Australian Qualification Framework Level V by Vative Academy

  • Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices – MSS50316
Course Outline

Workshop 1 – Develop a Continuous Improvement Strategy

  • Develop Purpose, Vision and Strategic Goals on an Organisational or Departmental level (Business plan on a Page)
  • Develop a Metrics Board
  • Develop a CI Workforce Development Plan
  • Assess current state Culture & Morale (ShareTree online tools)

Workshop 2 – Use Lean Tools (Includes Vative Academy online interactives)

  • Develop a Value Stream Map to scope a project
  • Identify any health & safety hazards and implement control measures
  • Use Root Cause Analysis to solve issues
  • Use DMAIC Project Management tool

Workshop 3 – Optimising Workplace through CI Strategies

  • Develop an internal CI feedback process
  • Manage the implementation of Workplace 5S
  • Design a new process layout for workplace flow

Workshop 4 – Project Management  

  • Projects which make an impact on the Environment
  • Review Strategic Goals and Workforce Development Plan
  • Reassess Culture and Morale and analyze findings


What’s included
  • Electronic templates to build and implement CI in the workplace
  • Online learning modules via VativeAcademy.com
  • Online Culture assessment kits and reporting
  • Electronic Learning and Assessment Guides
  • Online coaching
  • Access to a Lean Master Facilitator

There are no prerequisites.

Course Schedule
  • Flexible and structured delivery schedules available
  • Live online delivery is available whereby 4 Workshops are delivered in 2 x 4 hour live video link (8 live online delivery sessions in total)
  • Remote coaching using all technological means is available throughout the course
  • On-site face-to-face delivery is also available
Course Costs and Fees

Those meeting Government funding criteria will pay no fees towards this course

Fees, Refunds and Cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible is the training delivery?

Our program is designed with a training by coaching model as Diploma level students tend to be more autonomous and self-directed learners. Our facilitators will guide you and allow you flexibility to execute a continuous improvement strategy and project implementation within the timelines needed to suit the individual’s capacity and business pressures.

How many people are required to be part of the training group?

The ideal group size is between 5 – 8 people, less than 5 is possible however with 5 or more there are project execution benefits. We recommend that all departmental level management and senior level management are involved in this level program to ensure organisational-wide alignment, collaboration and lasting culture change.

Does the Government fund this training?

Yes, there are a range of Government funded initiatives that are applicable for upskilling and for business innovations that this can be applied for. Ask us how.

How much work is involved to successful complete a Diploma?

The program requires project implementation with desired outcomes to bring about greater than 300% ROI. Therefore it can be difficult to judge what it will take to achieve this as it may mean executing multiple projects and involving multiple teams across the organisation. Ultimately, the greater the inputs, the greater the results for the entire change management strategy.

What further pathways will this course provide me?

Successful completion of this course can enable you to further specialise your technical expertise in Lean Six Sigma. It also allows you to enter into a Graduate Certificate (Green Belt) and/or Graduate Diploma (Black Belt) of Competitive Systems and Practices. Both qualifications offer higher education pathways and credits towards a Masters Degree for those who have lifelong learning aspirations and desire to truly master their craft as  professional practitioners in continuous improvement.