Lean Champions - Certificate III in Competitive Systems & Practices (MSS30316)

This Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices course is designed for employees within any type of industry who are seeking to understand and attain foundational skills and knowledge across the fundamental pillars of Lean principles and tools. The program will develop the disciplines of Competitive Systems and Practices within any type of organisation seeking to drive a continuous improvement culture.

The program is made up of two nested components, the first being a kinaesthetic learning of 5S (workplace organisation) and the second being application-based learning in process mapping, standardised work, visual workplace and the well-established Lean deployment model known as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

The course introduces learners to the lean skills used in optimising process flow and eliminating wasted efforts in the day-to-day operations within their role/department. The course is intended to skill learners who have not had any previous training or exposure to Competitive Systems and Practices or Lean tools. This course is designed to support and complement the existing technical or operational skills and knowledge of the learner as well as current best practices in the workplace.


Minimum 12-month duration; delivered monthly in 4-hour training and assessment activities

Suitable for

Lean Champions Program – Certificate III in Competitive Systems & Practices is best suitable and appropriate for all levels within any industry sector that is seeking to provide a pathway from a foundational skill base of Lean thinking to a broader level use of Lean tools.

Lean Champions can work on small Continuous Improvement (CI) projects on their own or part of a larger CI project under the guidance of a Lean Leader (see Lean Leader – Certificate IV in Competitive Systems & Practices and Cert IV in Leadership Management).


Participants will receive a Nationally Accredited  Australian Qualification Framework Level III by Vative Academy

Course Outline

To successfully complete a Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices, learners must complete and be deemed competent in 10 units of Competency, consisting of 3 Core Units and 7 Electives. Learners also have the option to select one additional elective unit (delivered as a workshop) as part of the overall course offering. Vative Academy’s Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices has been designed in accordance with the packaging rules for MSS30316 within the MSS, Sustainability Training Package:

Core Units

MSS403001 – Review competitive systems and practices
MSMENV272 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSMWHS200 – Work safely

Elective Units

MSS402080 – Undertake root cause analysis
MSS403085 – Ensure process improvements are sustained
MSS402002 – Sustain process improvements
MSS402040 – Apply 5S Procedures
MSS403033 – Map an operational process
MSS402052 – Implement continuous improvement based on standardised work practices
MSS403035 – Implement the visual workplace

Customer Elective Selections

TLID1001 – Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
TLID3011 – Conduct specialised forklift operations
TLIF0001 – Apply chain of responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedure
BSBINN201 – Contribute to workplace innovation

What’s included

Participant Learning Handbook printed in colour

5S Visual Boards for the Workplace


There are no prerequisites.

Course Schedule

The course is delivered in 10 sessions over 12 months, with each of the sessions designed to be delivered in a face-to-face group-based environment. The first 6 sessions are designed for learners to apply foundational competitive systems and practices through 5S. Once routine 5S is established the participants are then stretched to learn and apply the underpinning Lean tools to elevate the continuous improvement culture within the organisation.

The course structure is 2 hours of delivery with required project implementation tasks throughout the monthly sessions.

Session 1 – S1 + Value & Waste
Session 2 – S2
Session 3 – S3 + 5 Whys
Project Support
Session 4 – S4 + Workplace Health & Safety
Session 5 – S5
Session 6 – Process Mapping
Session 7 – Standard Work
Session 8 – Visual Workplace
Session 9 – Elective Option
Project Support
Session 10 – Project completion using Plan-Do-Check-Act

Course Costs and Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

What if participants have low levels of Language and literacy comprehension?

Our facilitators are trained to adapt training and assessment to suit the needs of individuals whereby assessments can be adjusted to suit different levels of language and literacy.

Is this course suitable and appropriate for services based clientele?

Yes, Competitive Systems and Practices as a qualification is not industry specific and the teachings of Lean and 5S can be applied across all industries. Yes, Competitive Systems and Practices as a qualification is not industry specific and the teachings of Lean and 5S can be applied across all industries. Vative has experience in deploying Lean across a myriad of sectors and has facilitators with various backgrounds and experience to help contexualise the learning and application.

Does the Government fund this training?

Yes, there are a range of Government funded initiatives that are applicable for upskilling and for business innovations that this can be applied for. Ask us how.

Do I need a Training room/facility within the business to deploy this?

We recommend that the business has facilities where parts of this course can be facilitated in a classroom type environment.

How much time do I need to factor for activities?

The course blends theory which is approximately 2 hours and application also approximately 2 hours across each session. It is recommended  that this time be factored away from normal duties for participants to learn and kinesthetically apply their learning within the workplace.