"Let'sTALK" -Building a Psychological Safe Work Culture

4 Part – Live online delivery

In light of the current climate with social distancing, the “Let’sTALK” program will be facilitated via a live online delivery. Participants can join from home or from their office to engage in a highly interactive learning experience that will consist of Q&A’s, online group exercises and role plays between participants. The “Let’sTALK “program, as its name suggests, will consist of a high amount of interaction and discussions to ensure participants gain the skills and the confidence to engage in a “Let’sTALK” conversation with someone with a concern. This program is suitable for anyone, especially leaders of all levels and WHS and Well-being teams.


Delivered in:

  • 4 x 2-hour sessions at a date and time suitable via ZOOM
  • A ZOOM link will be e-mailed to each participant for easy access
  • Maximum of 20 participants per group session to ensure a high level of engagement
Suitable For
  • Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Coordinators, WHS Officers, Well-being Team.
  • Especially suitable for staff working from home and isolated and staff who have been stood down.


Workshop Outline

Session 1: Key Elements to Have a Caring and Effective Conversation  

  • Connection – Why connection is a fundamental need for survival
  • Wellbeing – Understand the key elements to manage your own wellbeing
  • Social Stigma – How social stigma effects our ability to have an open conversation
  • Mindfulness – How to reduce worry and anxiety by focussing on the present moment
  • Emotional Intelligence – How to be aware and regulate our emotions during stressful times

Session 2: How to See the Telltale Signs and Acknowledge  

  • Emotional Resilience – How to care for others as well as your own wellbeing
  • Building Trust – How to become more trustworthy to encourage more open conversations
  • Telltale Signs – Understanding the telltale signs of distress and how to engage in a conversation
  • Acknowledging Strengths – How to acknowledge using character strengths
  • Role Plays – Participant role plays on how to engage in a conversation and acknowledge

Session 3: How to Listen and Keep in Touch

  • Psychological Safety – How open conversation is fundamental for Psychological Safety
  • Personal Fears – Understanding fear to better connect and support self and others
  • Active Listening – How to listen actively with CARE to support self and others
  • Keep in Touch – What supports are available to you and others to help get through a difficulty
  • Role Plays – Participant role plays on how to listen and support

Session 4: Managing your Own and Teams Wellbeing  

  • Support Services – What support services do you have when you or others are facing a challenge
  • Let’sTALK Activities – How to promote and sustain open conversations to improve wellbeing
  • Program Measures – What measures are important to track the impact of Let’sTALK
  • Role Plays – Participant role plays on an entire Let’sTALK Conversation
  • Next Steps – How you will manage your own and team’s wellbeing going forward
What's Included

Program material and videos prior to the sessions

  • A Let’sTALK multiple choice survey prior to session 1 to understand the level of communication in the organisation.
  • Most importantly we would like you to come with an open mind and heart to learn and be inspired to make a difference.
Program Schedule
  • 9:00 am – 1:00 pm weekly. (or)
  • 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm weekly.
  • Dates are flexible to customer requirements.
  • Sessions can delivered over longer period if required.

$1440 per group of up to 20 participants.

(Normally $2480 for face-to-face delivery.)

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