Introduction to Lean Master Class

The Introduction Lean is a 1-day Master Class designed for individuals within any type of industry who are seeking to understand the fundamental pillars of Lean principles and tools. The Master Class goes through the key tools of Lean enabling you to start your Lean journey. It also includes a simulation that will help embed the learning for immediate application in your organisation.

The workshop is designed to get you immediately starting to scope and implement small improvement projects using the Define (D) Measure (M) Analyse (A) Improve (I) Control (C) project management methodology. The Program will be facilitated by an industry experienced Lean Six Sigma qualified Business Transformation Specialist. Upon completion of this Introduction to Lean Master Class, participants will be able to work on small continuous improvement projects on their own or part of a larger improvement project under the guidance of a Lean Practitioner.

Leading for Continuous Improvement Masterclass

The Leading for Continuous Improvement (CI) Masterclass is focused on developing leadership commitment and cultivating a culture of CI. The masterclass is designed for leaders of CI who are the agents of change to bring about improvements in Cost, Quality, Delivery, Safety, Environment by motivating and empowering people.

The Masterclass is based on understanding:

  1. The Purpose of CI and Critical Success Factors
  2. The Foundation of how to start the CI leadership journey
  3. Gaining Momentum by the best Measures and KPI’s for Success
  4. Sustaining the Gains by understand individual character and organisational culture.

Ongoing group and one-on-one coaching are also available for CI Leaders who are keen to sustain the momentum and reach the next level of their own and organisation’s CI journey.

This service is typically a 1-day Masterclass for CI and Department leaders who want to lead change and embed a CI culture in their organisation.


1 Day (8:30am – 4:30pm)

The Vative Introduction to Lean Master Class is also available as an onsite Program at your workplace.

Suitable for

The Program is ideal for participants who are starting their Lean journey or would like a refresher on the foundational tools and methodologies of Lean. Participants can work on small Continuous Improvement (CI) projects on their own or part of a larger CI project under the guidance of a Lean Practitioner.


All participants will receive a “Certificate of Participation” by Vative Academy to acknowledge that they have completed the workshop.

Certification: Participants also have the option to complete an online exam to receive a “Statement of Knowledge” certified by the Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP). LSSSP is a global certifying body that conducts certifications in line with Lean and Six Sigma standards originally laid down by Motorola University.

Workshop Outline

1. Welcome

Welcome & Introduction
Workshop Objectives
Purpose of Lean
Lean vs. Six Sigma
History of Lean
Applicability of Lean
Project Selection

2. Lean Tools

What is DMAIC
Define Phase
Creating a Problem Statement
Voice of the customer
Measure Phase
Understanding Value
Recognise Waste
Process Flow Analysis
Spaghetti Diagrams
Process Mapping
Value Stream Mapping
Analyse Phase
Identifying Causes
Narrow down to probable cause
5 Why Analysis
Improve Phase
Typical Lean Improve Tools
Visual Management
Quick Changeover
Control Phase
Creating Standard Work
Sustaining Continuous Improvement
Selecting the right Tools
Simulation Activity
Round 1 Simulation
Evaluate outcomes
Debrief and Redesign
Round 2 Simulation
Further Studies
Lean Practitioner Program
LSS Green Belt Program

Program Wrap Up, Q&A

What’s included

Participant Learning Handbook printed in colour

Certificate of Participation by Vative Academy


There are no prerequisites.

Program Schedule

The Introduction to Lean Master Class is a 1 Day program that will cover the topics outlined in the Program Outline. There will be scheduled breaks including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Morning and afternoon tea is included.


Group Cost (6 to 16 participants):
Training Costs: $4960 + GST
Statement of Knowledge Certification: $250 + GST per participant

All costs are in AUD and payments are processed in AUD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are benefits of Lean?

For the participant:

  • Lean is a globally recognised skill set that is highly sought after by employers
  • Developing a proactive mindset to continually improve
  • How to use the various tools and methodology of Lean to Define problems, Measure the impact, Analyse the root causes, Implement solutions and Control the outcomes (DMAIC methodology)
  • Work as a team to guide and manage Lean projects

For the organization:

  • Staff with Lean problem solving and project management skills to drive improvement projects
  • Increased staff engagement, motivation and empowerment to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement
  • Improve business bottom line through cost reduction in process waste and variation
  • Improve business top line by adding greater customer value through better quality, delivery and competitive pricing
Is this course suitable for any industry sector?

Yes. A Lean skill set is not industry specific and can be applied to any process that has waste and variation. Vative has experience in deploying Lean across a variety of sectors with Business Transformation Specialists from various backgrounds and experience to help contexualise the learning and application.

Which Lean workshop is best for me?

The Introduction to Lean Master Class is a great start for beginners or those who want to brush up or formalise their Lean Foundational skills. The next Level is the Lean Practitioner Program that is suited for drivers of Continuous Improvement through Lean tools and methodology. Vative also offer Lean Expert and Lean Master online courses through Vative Academy Online.

What type of Certification is offered?

Vative offers a Statement of Knowledge (SOK) through its partner Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP). LSSSP is a global certifying body and conducts certifications in line with Lean and Six Sigma standards originally laid down by Motorola University.

The SOK will include an open book online exam where participants have 1 hr to complete 25 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 75% and above and participants have 2 attempts. There is a 24 hr period between attempts.

What coaching will I get after the workshop?

All coaching is offered as a group during the 1 day Introduction to Lean Master Class.

If further coaching is required individually or as a group, please contact us or speak to the program facilitator.

What if participants have low levels of Language and literacy comprehension?

Our facilitators are trained to adapt training and assessment to suit the needs of individuals whereby assessments can be adjusted to suit different levels of language and literacy.

Does the Government fund this training?

There are a range of Government funded initiatives from time to time that are applicable for upskilling and for business innovations. Please contact us to find out more.