Toll supports warehousing requirements through their customised solutions business. Toll is a provider of specialised warehouse and distribution services to a wide variety of industries gaining niche accounts in areas where clients have typically not outsourced. They have extensive network locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Project statistics

Project challenge

Toll had a proactive interest in wanting to further develop people in the Logistics and Warehousing industry, recognising that a new set of skills was needed to complement their existing employee logistics capability and experiences.


Australia & New Zealand


Toll needed to give their employees Lean training so they could better manage and sustain the internal needs of the business for long-term benefits.


Vative introduced a 12-month training program to empower Toll’s employees. They were introduced to effective problem-solving and Lean techniques which could be used to identify business waste and inefficiencies to support sustainable long-term productivity improvements for all stakeholders. Toll wanted to ensure their staff had up-to-date logistics skills not only to grow business but to improve their individual capability.


The 12-month training program gained significant benefits for Toll including:

  • 97 per cent of the 130 employees successfully completed a Diploma or Certificate level qualification in Lean Improvement projects or Warehousing Operations
  • Increased employee engagement in Continuous Improvement activities
  • Improved project management and people communications skills


With the assistance of Vative and Lean training to support employees, Toll were able to develop new robust continuous improvement processes and tools for improved efficiency and sustainability in their business operations.