The Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) is a leader in micro/nanofabrication innovation and technologies. Nanofabrication is the design and manufacture of devices with dimensions measured in nanometres. The company is located in the heart of South-East Melbourne Innovation Precinct and is openly accessible to engineers, researchers and academics who need access to micro-technology.

Project statistics

Project challenge

The MCN were interested in empowering their staff and improving productivity as a strategic goal for long-term benefit but did not have the tools to implement new processes to ensure day-to-day, quality outcomes.


Melbourne, Victoria


MCN required a singular approach to managing and empowering their staff to ensure each person was achieving the best outcomes for the business and for their own personal development.


Vative introduced Lean operating principles to ensure a targeted, consistent and efficient client experience for all users of the facility.


MCN were able to significantly improve their lead time with clients, from when they come through to the facility until they become completely self-sufficient with working inside. Processes were streamlined alongside KPIs to better understand and enhance their clients’ experiences. The staff at MCN are available to train new users to become proficient in operating the tools and systems as if they were part of their own in-house R&D capabilities.


One of the best and unexpected outcomes MCN achieved from applying Lean principles was enhancing the company’s reputation within the industry. This was a benefit the business continues to leverage as part of their leading capabilities.