Founded in 1962, Silvan develops domestic and commercial spraying equipment. Silvan is a leader in the hand sprayer market, suitable for weed spraying to maintaining rural properties. The business also supplies farm equipment as well as many other products for a rural lifestyle.

Project statistics

Project challenge

Silvan were aware of the benefits of Continuous Improvement but did not have the tools or resources to implement changes across the business. They needed to bring their teams together to manage better efficiencies and instil a proactive approach to work.


Melbourne, Victoria


Silvan needed their employees to work towards Continuous Improvement, and take leadership within their own role to improve their own sense of learning and efficiencies for the business.


Vative introduced a hands-on application of Lean training to team members at Silvan to demonstrate how they can better manage their own work and set of responsibilities to assist the entire team.


Just three months into the Lean program, Silvan were benefiting from much better, productive returns from their employees including a decrease in time in manufacturing products. The company’s stock holding dropped by a third and overtime the business moved into one main site, saving the business hundreds of thousands worth of savings. There were also major improvements with staff morale and job satisfaction.


Before Vative stepped in with their hands-on application towards Continuous Improvement, Silvan employees would need to refer to management to tackle issues within the business. Now their team is much more self-sufficient, independent and satisfied with day-to-day work.

“Management is much easier than it was before. We’ve always got the right amount of stock at the right time. We’ve changed culturally as a business with increased productivity, Oh&S and continue to benefit from the cost savings from Vative’s program.” – Frank Scott, General Manager of Operations, Silvan