The Department of Justice (DoJ), now known as the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) is one of nine government departments in Victoria. The DoJ is responsible for the oversight and delivery of justice services in Victoria, excluding police and court services. The DOJ employs up to 6000 staff and their responsibilities extend to areas including consumer protection, trader regulation, the registry of births, deaths and marriages along with many more offerings.

Project statistics

Project challenge

The DoJ had a grand plan to deploy their new payroll and human resources system. As this plan affected thousands of members of staff, it needed to be carefully and strategically implemented to avoid disruption during this big change period.


Melbourne, Victoria


All staff needed to be communicated to thoroughly and efficiently during the roll out process of the new system to ensure that it would be a great success.


Vative developed a fully customised Change Management workshop in conjunction with DoJ management. 10 groups of staff were trained in the new improved IT systems and processes over 3 back-to-back days. Half a day was allocated for individuals to learn as much as possible about ‘change.’ These sessions were conducted over 3 months. The workshops incorporated topics such as: fundamentals of change, how we as humans are affected by change, aspects of DISC behavioural styles and personality types and much more.


The workshops proved to be highly successful and left individuals realising key things that they were unaware of prior to attending. The overall feedback results rated highly with participants feelings valued, purposeful, knowing and understanding themselves and others better.


The DoJ were able to efficiently and effectively implement their new IT system for pay roll and human resources seamlessly with the collective efforts from the Vative team and DoJ management.