Denstply is the leading provider of dental products and technologies. They are a global company which specialises in designing, manufacturing and distributing dental products.

Project statistics

Project challenge

The company had undertaken some analysis of their warehouse inventory and were aware that they could increase on their savings. Dentsply had previously worked with Vative and engaged with our team again for assistance on implementing better processes to achieve the savings they had identified.


Melbourne, Victoria


The Dentsply warehouse desperately needed change to its layout to improve its efficiencies including improving the time spent on manoeuvring and locating stock.


Vative applied the 5S methodology (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise Sustain) to organise Dentsply’s warehouse with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.


Dentsply were able to reduce their travel time and double capacity within their warehouse to send orders to the clients much quicker. They were able to eliminate casual employment, saving their business $80,000 a year alone alongside other costs. They were able to reduce how the businesses used time throughout their processes. One warehouse process was reduced from a week down to 1.5 hours.


Vative assisted Dentsply with their warehouse efficiencies, major cost savings and enabled the business to service their clients more frequently.

“We’ve worked with Vative before and developed a great amount of trust in their capabilities. After implementing 5S, people and suppliers outside of the business would always comment that our warehouse would be a great place to work because of the layout.” – David Pummell, Warehouse Manager, Dentsply