Project Management & Outsourcing

Project Management & Technical Outsourcing Services

  • Do you need a business project completed on time, on budget and quickly?
  • Do you have a business project awaiting completion, but lack the necessary resources?
  • Do you have a project that requires key skills and experience that don’t exist within your team?
  • Is it a simple matter of needing a capable person in the short to medium term to ensure the project is completed on budget and on time?

If any of these questions are relevant to your business situation, then Vative can help.

What Do We Do?

Project Management and Implementation:

Some examples of business improvement projects Vative can help you with – new facility layout planning, new facility construction project management, new MRP/ERP implementation (be the link between your current business processes and the new software input requirements), new CRM implementation, New Product Implementation processes, New Sales & Marketing strategy development and implementation. Workplace Safety Systems implementation, Logistics supply chain definition and implementation… amongst many others.

How Do We Do It?

We Always Get the Job Done, On Time and On Budget. Here’s How:

1. DEFINE – The initial phase where we scope and define project requirements. This is completed together, allowing your organisation to ask questions and take advantage of our expertise and experience. The DEFINE phase ensures tasks, responsibilities and key objectives are not forgotten or overlooked. Proper project specification will additionally ensure that surprises and mistakes are minimised. Joint accountabilities are also defined here.

2. MEASURE – The measures of success (budget, implementation timeline and due date, etc.) are defined here. During the MEASURE phase, clarifications around expectations are understood by both parties prior to project commencement. This step provides answers to questions such as “what will it take to get this project completed?” or “when will the new system/facility/software be up and running?”

3. ANALYSE – Vative will analyse and plan the necessary project steps, timing and estimated costs associated. This step is an actual breakdown of all the factors necessary in order to deliver the desired output from the project specification (DEFINE step). Once the ANALYSE phase is completed, modification of the specification, budget and timing may occur due to uncontrollable circumstances or change of strategy. In order to keep this to a minimum, it is far more efficient and cost effective to control during the planning phase instead of part way through the implementation.

4. IMPLEMENT – The implementation process will commence in alignment with your organisation. Depending on the division of labour set out in the DEFINE phase, Vative can work largely independently, where we rely on your organisation for information and key decision making only. Alternatively, we can work in a project management and facilitation role, ensuring that internal tasks and changes necessary for the project are completed as planned.

5. CONTROL – Once the project commences, frequent and consistent communication is provided so that any surprises (and in the real world there are always surprises) are identified early and addressed quickly. Vative have found that proper attention in the planning phases (DEFINE, MEAURE and ANALYSE) leads to far fewer ‘sudden and unexpected’ events.

6. PROJECT SUMMARY – Vative will summarise the project upon completion, including the achievements gained, the performance (according to the established metrics) and the overall return on investment (ROI). This will be short, concise and easy to grasp. A project summary is a vital insight into the expectations and value delivered by Vative.


For more information on how our highly experienced team of Project Managers can assist your organisation, please contact Vative on 1300 VATIVE (82 84 83) for a free discussion over the phone or an onsite consultation.