Lean Consulting Services

Vative’s Lean Consulting services utilise an extensive range of proven Lean methodologies and tools. All of Vative’s Lean Consulting services are delivered with a strongly developed, continuous improvement mindset, with the end goal of making your business perform better and sustainable.

Vative can assist your organisation’s business improvement goals through a number of avenues such as Lean implementation, process optimisation, project management, team facilitation, leadership coaching, Lean Six Sigma training and more.

Vative’s Lean Consulting team can assist you in solving your business performance issues or help you capitalise on an opportunity for boosted performance. Our extensive industry experience with the application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and mindset can be your secret weapon to achieve your business goals faster.


Our Lean Consulting services are suitable for organisations seeking to:

  • Identify and eliminate process waste
  • Generate better profitability or an improved cost base
  • Minimise delays in their process, ensuring consistent on-time delivery
  • Improve engagement and ownership from staff
  • Sustain improvement that makes an immediate difference to their bottom line
  • Identify their organisation’s immediate past and present position
  • Illustrate their organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Identify and prioritise areas that require immediate attention or change

Other Areas Include:

  • Lean Organisation initiatives
  • Quality Management
  • Environmental strategies
  • Supply chain
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Business Mentoring


Vative’s Lean Consultants are, as a minimum, internationally certified Lean Masters and/or Green Belt Six Sigma / Black Belt Six Sigma practitioners. Given this qualification and Vative’s extensive industry experience base, Vative has the business consulting expertise to service any prospective client need, from SME to multi-national clients. Some of Vative’s current and past clients can be viewed at the Our Clients and Our Results sections of our website.

With every engagement with Vative, organisational change will occur through strengthened staff beliefs, improved attitudes and overall work practices. A number of key strategies will be implemented to ensure change management is a smooth and sustainable process.


Federal and State Government Grants for Business Improvement

Federal and State Government grants exist for SME’s to access in order to improve business and operational performance. Vative are fully conversant in the application and approval processes as laid out by Federal and state offices, and can therefore assist in navigating requirements through a streamlined fashion. Grants are designed to subsidise business improvement initiatives and place particular emphasis on businesses to undertake tangible business improvement projects that will improve business and operational performance, productivity and sustainability. Vative have been included on the Federal Governments list of Tailored Advisory Service Providers.

Vative offer an obligation-free service for identifying your business’ ability to access the various forms of governmental training and business improvement grants.

For more information on how our Lean Six Sigma business consultants can assist you please contact Vative on 1300 VATIVE (82 84 83) for a free one to one onsite consultation.