Business Analysis & Strategy

Vative’s Business Analysis and Strategy services provide clarifying insight into where a business’ best productivity improvement will come from. Vative deliver an unbiased, outside perspective on your business that will guide you in making the most accurate decisions to prepare your business for growth through improvement in people, processes and productivity.

A Vative Business Analysis will generate an overview of opportunities and threats that may inhibit your current and future productivity through a step-by-step strategic approach.

Vative’s Business Analysis services are suitable for:
  • Existing organisations seeking to improve business productivity
  • Businesses planning to expand and generate new growth areas
  • New business planning
  • Understanding customer needs

The Business Analysis will help in:
  • Highlighting the areas of your business that require productivity improvement
  • Identifying your immediate past and present position
  • Illustrate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Identifying and prioritising areas that can yield quick returns through change

This Business Analysis can also be directed toward specific issues such as:
  • Lean organisation initiatives
  • Quality management
  • Environmental strategies
  • Supply chain
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Business mentoring

Outcomes from this will form the basis of a comprehensive action plan.

Tools and Methods Used for Strategic Business Analysis

Vative use an extensive range of Business Analysis tools. The tools listed below are some of the main tools that are used.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) – Value Stream Mapping develops business transparency and helps illustrate a step-by-step visual diagram of your business processes, and how they interact with one another. This helps to improve efficiencies and business productivity by identifying waste and potential bottlenecks within you processes. Vative will assist by developing a documented, robust plan for the future, after analysing your present processes.

Lean Business Health Check (LBHC) – The Lean Business Health Check assesses your business against Lean principles and provides a score based on ‘how Lean your business is’. This helps to determine the actions required for future growth. The assessment is completed across all involved departments.

Cultural and Moral Survey – The Culture & Morale Survey assesses the opinions and thoughts of your most valuable assets, your staff. Understanding the culture and morale of your organisation allows you to develop plans that will both maximise the business productivity and well being of your staff. These surveys have been designed to extract honest feedback.

Environment, Strategy and Capability Analysis (ESC) – An ESC helps drive future business productivity improvements by reviewing both internal and external influences on the business. As the name suggests, this is broken down into the following categories:

Environment – an analysis of your business prospects in the proposed environment taking economy, politics, demographics, law, technology, politics, social and cultural aspects into consideration.

Strategy – an analysis of your planned strategy, which considers integration and implementation issues. The strategy analysis develops new, long and short-term strategies to increase the likelihood of your objectives being met and exceeded.

Capability – an assessment of your business capabilities with regards to finance, resources and technology.

Customer Focused Assessments – These assessments provide your business with an overview of areas for improvement, in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Tools used include:

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer Surveying
  • Strategic Marketing planning

For more information on how our Business Analysis and Strategy Services can be of benefit to your organisation, please contact Vative on 1300 VATIVE (82 84 83).