Business Improvement

Posted by Vative December 13th, 2017

Business Improvement – Sustainable Change

Vative offers a comprehensive range of Business Improvement options for all organisations looking to maximise their potential. Vative’s experience implementing Lean Six Sigma based projects across a number of industries and businesses, allows for a flexible approach to suit a variety of business needs. Vative ensures fast and effective delivery of business improvement solutions that match client needs.

Our extensive range of experiences, capabilities and national/international reach provides us the ability of applying the appropriate tools, techniques and methods of Lean and Six Sigma across all industries covering projects of all sizes and scope.

Vative’s proven track record in bringing tangible and significant business improvement has seen us become a ‘partner of choice’ for key Australian businesses and organisations of all sizes. Not only is our capability, expertise and value that we bring to our clients our major point of difference, but given our extensive industry networks, we have developed significant and far reaching relationships within state and federal Government departments that allow us to access funding for business improvements on behalf of clients to significantly reduce, or remove, any costs associated to access our services, products and capability.

Through years of hands on experience, we have a proud track record of delivering consistently, 500-1000% return on investment (ROI) for projects and programs.

Our work is only complete once our client is satisfied.

Lean Consulting

Award winning Lean Consulting and implementation services that places an emphasis on improving people and culture. Vative focuses on creating sustainable outcomes through the embedding of a Continuous Improvement mindset.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful and proven business improvement methodology, that focuses on creating measurable improvements across operational costs, delivery lead-times, quality, culture and more. Lean Six Sigma training is suitable for all industry types.

Business Analysis & Strategy

Organisational alignment and future-readiness is critical for long-term success. A business analysis and strategy assessment is vital for organisations seeking to understand their operational bottlenecks and market position.

Project Management & Outsourcing

When implementing a new facility layout, office move, or ERP system, outsourcing project management can be a cost effective solution. Vative will ensure your job is completed on time and on budget.

Quality, Safety & Environmental Management

Whether it’s achieving ISO 9001 or similar certification, or the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS), Vative’s quality, safety & environmental management experts will ensure your goals are achieved.

Leadership Training & Coaching

The impact of effective Leadership training cannot be understated. From the frontline to the executive management team. Vision, communication, mindset and the ability to inspire should be strong across all levels in an organisation.