Supply Chain Complimentary Breakfast Workshop

The Truth About Effective Supply Chain 

“… You can’t improve what you can’t measure”

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Breakfast & Networking: 07:30 am – 08:00 am
Workshop Time: 08:00 am – 10:00 am
Program Venue: Vative Head Office – 260A Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
In partnership with SCLAA (Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia) 


  • Is your inventory hurting your cash flow?
  • Is your delivery performance costing you business?
  • Do you suffer from stock-outs, even though your inventory is high?
  • Are you a slave to your suppliers?

Our interactive breakfast workshop will help you identify the underlying causes of the problems in your supply chain. In addition to benchmarking your capabilities, you will be coached to complete a supply chain self-diagnostic that will reveal key areas of improvement, specifically for your organisation.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will:


  • An understanding of the gap between your supply chain’s current performance and its potential
  • A high level assessment of the health of your supply chain
  • An understanding of the factors that must be measured, in order to generate success
  • An understanding of how process improvement relates to your supply chain and the benefits that can be yielded
  • An insight into the ‘weakest link’ in your supply chain and how to address the issue
  • An insight into relevant case studies and experiences
  • An understanding of inventory as a lag indicator

About the facilitator:

The workshop will be hosted by Ken Pike, Lead Supply Chain Consultant at Vative. Ken has over 30 years of experience working in Operations and Supply Chain for local and multinational organisations. He is a supply chain expert and presents an impressive track record. He is passionate about results and continuous improvement.

This event is suitable for Senior Managers who can actively enagage in discussions around Supply Chain related experiences.

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 2 days notification is required for cancellation or rescheduling.  Any cancellation or rescheduling will result in administration & catering free of $55.

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