Pratima Chauhan

Pratima embarked on her continuous improvement journey as a Business Transformation Practitioner at Vative, where she has demonstrated exceptional skills in supporting businesses through the project management of process improvement…

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Clint Leask

When our customers are ready to deploy services, Clint is the operations leader responsible for coordinating it all and ensuring we meet our customer’s requirements. As the conduit communication line…

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Neil Marshall

Neil Marshal is a master Lean and continuous improvement professional, bringing a wealth of technical expertise and project management skills cultivated across diverse industries. His extensive Lean knowledge was forged during a successful 19-year career in Quality Assurance and Production Control roles within Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, showcasing his dedication to operational excellence. In 2010, Neil transitioned to a consultancy career, where he has spent the past 8 years facilitating and leading numerous Lean and continuous improvement training and consultancy programs for various organisations in Australia.

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Nigel Newman

Nigel Newman stands as an experienced Manufacturing Manager with an impressive 25-year track record of leading teams in complex and advanced manufacturing and design environments. His journey has taken him…

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Mike Morrow

Mike Morrow, an accomplished Industrial Engineer, wears multiple hats as a Sessional Lecturer and Consultant, contributing significantly to the realm of Lean Manufacturing. Mike goes beyond the theoretical, offering businesses…

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