On Tuesday 5th April, 2016 Vative held its first supply chain focused breakfast workshop, which turned out to be a success for our participants.

The supply chain breakfast workshop was centered around helping organisations identify the underlying causes of the problems in their supply chain. It attracted participants from organisations such as Asahi, Modex, Brightstar, Corex, Methven, Jemena and more.

Each of our participants were coached to complete a supply chain self-diagnostic, carefully designed to reveal key areas of improvement for their organisation. During the process, our participants exchanged insights and experiences and were pleased to hear new ways of tackling a variety of issues.

Upon completion of the workshop, each of our participants gained knowledge of the following areas:

  • An understanding of the gap between their supply chain’s current performance and its potential
  • A high level assessment of the health of their supply chain
  • An understanding of the factors that must be measured, in order to generate success
  • An understanding of how process improvement relates to their supply chain and the benefits that can be yielded
  • An insight into the ‘weakest link’ in their supply chain and how to address the issue
  • An insight into relevant case studies and experiences
  • An understanding of inventory as a lag indicator

Our supply chain workshops are hosted by Ken Pike, Lead Supply Chain Consultant at Vative. Ken has over 30 years of experience working in Operations and Supply Chain for local and multinational organisations. He is a supply chain expert and presents an impressive track record. He is passionate about results and continuous improvement.

Our next workshop will be held on the 18th May 2016.

Places can be reserved directly from HERE, subject to availability.