9 Keys to Increasing Competitiveness through Lean – eBook

If you’ve been thinking about introducing Lean but aren’t sure where to start, then this eBook is for you. And if you’ve attempted to introduce Lean, this book will help you assess what may be done better to ensure a smooth and profitable implementation. Some businesses do struggle to adopt Lean, usually because these 9 keys to Lean success aren’t followed consistently. Other businesses realise they need to do something to arrest worrying trends in their business, but they’re not sure what to do.

9 Keys to Increasing Competitiveness through Lean is an eBook written by Damien Lacey. Damien Lacey has spent his entire career looking at ways for companies to reduce waste and improve their operations. His 15 years of experience with Lean, has included the roll out of Lean with the Bosch Production System (BPS) team in Australia, product and process development with Toyota Technical Centre Australia (including a 3 year posting in Toyota Motor Corporation HQ, Aichi, Japan), then with Vative as a Lean consultant and now as Sales and Marketing Director.

If you answer yes to any of the bullet points below, then Lean is a mindset and approach which can help you improve your organisation’s performance for the long term:

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• Are you struggling to cope with increasing competition domestically or overseas?
• Is poor productivity pushing up your prices to uncompetitive levels?
• Are you introducing a new product or moving premises and want the most efficient process possible?
• Do you want greater efficiencies in your administrative processes?
• Is there a lot of waste in your organisation, but you would like to better identify or quantify it?
• Do you need to cut lead times, labour costs or raw material costs?
• Is your profitability falling?
• Are your staff disengaged?
• Is your culture: “that’s the way it’s always been done”, rather than “how can we do it better?”

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